What are the benefits of attending the 2016 Michigan Area Joint Annual Conference?

The 2016 Michigan Area Joint Annual Conference will provide you a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn and expand your knowledge of mission from other United Methodists outside of your sphere;
  • Celebrate and share your love for specific ministries with new people;
  • Meet others who share a passion for missions and ministry;
  • Make new friends;
  • Better understand and grow your gifts by trying something new;
  • The opportunity to explore a fun, new place;
  • Add new life and zest to the routine of Annual Conference.

Am I required to stay at the 2016 Michigan Area Annual Conference for all 6 days?


  • The Detroit Annual Conference will meet independently on June 8 and June 9
  • Shared meetings will be June 10, 11, and part of June 12
  • The West Michigan Annual Conference will meet independently beginning in the evening on June 12 and on June 13

Where will the conference be held?

The Conference will be held at Michigan State University in the Brody Neighborhood. This is an area tucked in the north west corner of MSU’s campus. Meetings will convene at the Jack Breslin Student Event Center.

How do I get to MSU? How will I know where to go once I’m on campus?

Detailed information about parking, including maps and bus schedules will be available on this site in the coming months.

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Where will I stay?

You can choose to stay at one of MSU’s newly remodeled residence halls in the Brody Neighborhood or off-campus at one of several nearby hotels (less than 10 minutes’ drive from campus). More details will be available in the coming months along with specially negotiated hotel room rates.

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MSU is a big campus. Will I have to walk everywhere?

There may be slightly more walking than at previous venues, but we have a robust shuttle system in place that will take you where you need to go. MSU is an ADA-compliant campus, but unfortunately golf carts are not permitted. If you have mobility issues or specific needs, please contact us.

What services will be provided for those with physical disabilities?

A team of people are working to ensure that your needs regarding mobility and comfort are considered.

MSU is an ADA-compliant campus, and a shuttle system will run all day.  If you have mobility issues, you will be able to park right where you will be staying. To request a parking pass, or if you have specific needs, please contact us.

I have dietary restrictions/food allergies. I’m concerned about the dining options available.

MSU’s Brody Square is a modern, nationally recognized food court-style dining hall with 9 different venues that offer a wide variety of menu options, including vegetarian and gluten-free. In addition MSU’s Culinary Services team identifies the eight major allergens (milk, eggs, soy, nuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish and wheat) on all campus menu items, as well as the dietary restrictions of alcohol, beef, and pork. Click here for more information, or to contact MSU’s registered dietician.

Will there be decision-making or business at the 2014 Annual Conference?

Each conference program committee will determine the agenda of their specific meeting days.  At this time, no legislation is planned for the shared days of this annual conference week.

Will the Detroit Conference and West Michigan Conference be doing all of our work together?

No, but we will have more than 2 days of shared meetings around teaching and preaching.

What is the agenda for Annual Conference 2016?

Details about the agenda are still in process. There will be time for each conference to meet independently, as well as time for shared meetings.

  • Detroit Annual Conference will meet independently beginning in the evening on June 8 and on June 9
  • Detroit and West Michigan Annual Conferences will meet together on June 10, 11, and part of the day on June 12
  • West Michigan Annual Conference will meet independently beginning in the evening on June 12 and on June 13

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Can I bring my family along? Is childcare provided? Are there activities for children?

Yes! We encourage you to bring your family. As in previous years, 2016 Annual Conference will offer a kids camp. More details will be available in the coming months.

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Will annual conference cost more?

Members will enjoy greatly improved housing and meals in the Brody Neighborhood with very little change in cost compared to past annual conferences.  Because of the scale of the 2016 programing, including the rental of a larger plenary site and shuttle system, there may be some change in fees.  We expect to be able to offer an accurate estimate later this summer.

How can I get invited to attend?

By Discipline, all ordained elders are required to attend annual conference. Each local church is also asked to send a voting Lay Member to Annual Conference.  Some local churches choose to send an alternate as well.  Speak to your pastor and your local church nomination committee to express interest in attending. Even if you are not nominated as a voting member, everyone is invited to attend as a guest.  Guests are not able to vote during plenary sessions. We hope you will plan to attend!