We need your grace!

Hospitality – GRACE PATROL

The venue offers exceptional hospitality through their staff, but we want to be sure we’ve got everything covered. Be one of the friendly faces who greet members as they arrive. We know that warm, smiling faces, words of assurance, God’s giving grace and immediate access to knowledgeable hosts and guides will be an important factor in assuring this event is a successful one.

We are looking for 4-16 volunteers per day: to be present at a table to answer questions, to be roaming around to answer questions or to help with moving luggage or other items as needed to help folks feel comfortable and welcomed.

If you or your church would like to volunteer for a time slot or the same time each day, please contact Jill Haney at [email protected] or Anita Hahn at [email protected].

Also, add to your calendar: Thursday, May 4, 2017  from 4 to 6 PM a Pre-Conference Briefing and Hospitality Training at the Grand Traverse Resort/conference center.


Legislative Tellers and Ushers are needed to collate and disseminate materials and to count votes on legislation. Volunteer through the registration form.

Grace Patrol

Teller and Usher Volunteers