“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” — Luke 6:31

The 2018 theme of annual conference is “Engage With*” ministry and mission.  Over four special days, we will introduce a new model for mission for the Michigan Conference. This year, we ask that members explore how they can move from a mission of charity to a ministry of engagement.   The type of engagement that leads to lifelong empowerment and change.

This year’s theme is based on The United Methodist Church initiative called “With*” a campaign to raise awareness, educate, and inspire people around Ministry with the Poor. With*, including this website, provides resources for learning, mobilizing, connecting, and engaging with ministries and people to eradicate poverty.

Members will experience 10 unique and practical presentations called, “TOM Talks.” TOM stands for Transformational Outreach and Ministry.   Each talk will demonstrate how to engage youth, schools, the poor, neighbors and even your church in mission during these education sessions on Friday and Saturday.

The nine new districts will be another significant focus for members’ attention.  Members will have the opportunity to meet their new district during special meals and events.